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Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos is an accomplished weight-loss surgeon, who practices in Tijuana, Mexico.


He has trained under one the world’s top bariatric surgeons and has performed over a thousand bariatric surgeries including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band, and revision weight-loss surgery. Many of his patients come from the United States and Canada, and even far off countries like England and Australia.


Take a look at his certificates below:


Advanced Laparoscopy Certificate

Conference Attended -Dr. Camelo

Gastric Banding Fellowship

General Surgery Certificate

Diploma Certificate in Laparoscopic Surgery

UANL Certificate-Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos


The doctor can converse in English as well as Spanish, and has a major chunk of his clients in the English-speaking population that comes from outside Mexico.

Obesity surgery, as you know, is a life-changing procedure and by opting for surgeries likes gastric banding and gastric sleeve by Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos, thousands of people have managed to get a new lease on their lives.

The low-cost of weight-loss surgery in Mexico, combined with the skill and expertise of the doctor and the high-tech equipment used in the hospitals here, is an obvious draw for self-paying weight-loss surgery seekers. You can also ask the doctor for testimonials of bariatric patients to be more  certain of what it is going to be like.


For more information and prices of bariatric surgeries by Dr. Camelo, get in touch via the form on the right.